Dietary Habits of Nikola Tesla

Where and When: 
1856 – 1943
New York
United States

Telsa was a singular genius. His patents laid the groundwork for the alternating current electrical systems in place around the world. His other work included the AC motor, radio (contested), general work in electromagnetism. His work covered so much fascinating territory that I can only really recommend reading about him.

He also got a little bit crazy as he got older. At least that's the story. The story may well exist only to discredit the man, something that Thomas Edison excelled at doing. According to the regular story, he started going downhill sometime after his Wardenclyffe project went bust around 1915 or so.

The reason that I mention this is that Tesla did not have a constant diet through his life. As he grew older his diet changed. He went through a phase where he substituted fish for meat. Later on he stopped eating any sort of flesh. However, the dates of these dietary changes are not recorded online. It can be ascertained that he stopped eating meat, but still ate fish, sometime before 1900. In 1900 a story was published wherein he described his reasons for not eating meat.

Tesla praised whiskey as a tonic, at least until prohibition: Quote from "Prodigal Genius"

Tesla drank whiskey, for this he considered a very beneficial source of energy and an invaluable means for prolonging life. It was responsible, he believed, for the longevity enjoyed by many of his ancestors. It would enable him, he declared early in the century, to live to one hundred and fifty. When prohibition came along with the First World War, he denounced it as an intolerable interference with the rights of citizens. Nevertheless, he promptly gave up the use of whiskey and all other beverages except milk and water. He declared, however, that the elimination of whiskey would reduce his expectation of life to one hundred and thirty years.

In his autobiography he had some interesting things to say about stimulants including coffee and tobacco.

... Witness, in illustration,
the prohibition movement. A drastic, if not unconstitutional, measure is now being put thru in this
country to prevent the consumption of alcohol and yet it is a positive fact that coffee, tea, tobacco,
chewing gum and other stimulants, which are freely indulged in even at the tender age, are vastly
more injurious to the national body, judging from the number of those who succumb. So, for
instance, during my student years I gathered from the published necrologues in Vienna, the home
of coffee drinkers, that deaths from heart trouble sometimes reached sixty-seven per cent of the
total. Similar observations might probably be made in cities where the consumption of tea is
excessive. These delicious beverages superexcite and gradually exhaust the fine fibers of the
brain. They also interfere seriously with arterial circulation and should be enjoyed all the more
sparingly as their deleterious effects are slow and imperceptible. Tobacco, on the other hand, is
conducive to easy and pleasant thinking and detracts from the intensity and concentration
necessary to all original and vigorous effort of the intellect. Chewing gum is helpful for a short
while but soon drains the glandular system and inflicts irreparable damage, not to speak of the
revulsion it creates. Alcohol in small quantities is an excellent tonic, but is toxic in its action when
absorbed in larger amounts, quite immaterial as to whether it is taken in as whiskey or produced
in the stomach from sugar. But it should not be overlooked that all these are great eliminators
assisting Nature, as they do, in upholding her stern but just law of the survival of the fittest. Eager
reformers should also be mindful of the eternal perversity of mankind which makes the indifferent
"laissez-faire" by far preferable to enforced restraint.
The truth about this is that we need stimulants to do our best work under present living
conditions, and that we must exercise moderation and control our appetites and inclinations in
every direction. That is what I have been doing for many years, in this way maintaining myself
young in body and mind. Abstinence was not always to my liking but I find ample reward in the
agreeable experiences I am now making. Just in the hope of converting some to my precepts
and convictions I will recall one or two.

Nikola Tesla


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oh yes this is the problem with all of us NIKOLA TESLA was way ahead of his time in one field and yet not knowing anything about candida or yeast infection which is cause of almost any disease self inflicted by fungal diet obviously he did not feel good and what he was talking about all his symptoms during his life stopped eating certain foods i had many symptoms similar to his only untill i stumbled on candida decades ago and turn my diet upside down im now old and not on any medication and still active in mans dep and thats what they dont want you to know CANCER IS FUNGUS as whole world economy is cashing in on ignorance of the masses like teslas free electricity non candidal diet does not make money for all these academics who are worshipped by ignorant world if tesla was anglosaxon the whole world would know about him my father was born near teslas place i have problem too people do not understand me what i say they think im nutter some friends need 10-20 years to get it if tesla is alive today and i have chance to swap his scientific brilliance for my candidal knowledge i will say no thanks nikola i keep my knowledge if you only know how much i suffered no doctors could help me or find anything wrong with me sorry nikola i rather be at the candle light and feel good but I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO NIKOLA for his brilliance and no money hungry aproach trying to help humanity for free greatest man ever lived