Bio-sphere 2 -- images of a slow collapse

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Bio-Sphere 2 (Image by Noah Sheldon)

Noah Sheldon posted a bunch of great photographs that he recently took of Bio-Sphere 2. Posted on BlogSpot. The bio dome is not doing well these days.

The Bio-Sphere 2 project holds a special place in my memory. It's one of the first science memories that I can remember. The Washington Post ran a big glossy article in their Sunday insert when I was in middle school. I was hooked. There was this huge building housing plants collected from all over the world, and a few lucky punters would be locked inside just to see what happened. And if it worked... the universe would be our oyster. At least that's how everything seemed to me when I was younger.

Unfortunately, the Bio-Sphere 2 project suffered problems early. Gasses were soon out of balance and the enclosure had to be opened up. None-the-less I found the whole project inspiring, and still do.